Saturday, 18 June 2011

Clothing scares me

I think this photo scares me!  Camera head!

Some stretchy knit jersey stuff? (I have no idea what you call this fabric) that I picked up for 2 bucks at op-shop - for my muchly looking forward to.... 

Ms Mallalieu

Big Big Step for me - I have no clue AT ALL when it comes to fitting some kind of fabric around my body and I am welcoming the thought of  just kindov winging a design

This rings bells for me - you know the kind that makes your heart stop and brain say Yes Please all at the same time.

Some nice person giving me instruction and signs of approval as I look up imploringly from my work  is what I am looking for and I think I will get it there - so I'm told! lol!

 My first pair of 'cowboy' boots!  I call them that, but don't really believe any authentic cowboy/girl would wear these little pretties!

And they are red!!!

Goes so so well with some looovely linen blend fabric called Jeneveve by Valori Wells - thinking of doing an A-line skirty thing from Sew What Skirts aka the Ubiquitous SIT skirt Sew Along

See that little bit with the leaves - 1/2 yard - what should I do with it?  

Yoke? - It may not be seen when I wear a top over it

Band at bottom? - Does this look like your legs are cut off?

Strip along one leg?  - Too weird or 'disruptive' to main pattern of skirt?

My lovely lovely 'roses' from my Australasian Bee girls - my idea was for lots of pink or green or a combo of both crazy-pieced blocks of all different sizes to make a bouquet of sorts of roses.

Haven't really got a clue how I am going to put them together - probably group some and piece some out and about in the quilt - like an arrangement in a vase???  I have loved getting (most) of my blocks back - though I'm not quibbling over some pieces of fabric that may or may not come back to me  - all the very best to them!

The Bee has now finished - Thank you to Jo of SparklyGreenKnickers for being the coordinator - the blocks and people have been varied and interesting (some stay involved and some very rarely) and I hope to keep up with at least a few of you  - may see you again in another Aussie/NZ bee - Hope So!!


Trash said...

Have a fabulous time with Nikki. I am only just mahoosively envious.

Wendy . . . said...

LOVE all of this ... the fabric for the top ... you'll be making everyone tops before you know it! I'll put my order in! & the fabric for the A line .... mmmmm ...& the Roses ... are stunning I love these too!

sewjourn said...

LOVE the roses! Let's catch up soon....saw you in the distance at the music concert last week but didn't catch you afterwards.