Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Some stuff off my table

Piles of things on my cutting/sewing table are a common thing...things on the go; things to do; things to inspire; and left-overs....

AMH's flannel pieces leftover from my previously blogged baby quilt - sitting quietly, not wanting to be put away in the 'forgotten' box
has become
a little snuggly cushion cover!
Should it go to the baby or stay with me???  Baby doesn't need a pillow so.......

An easy peasy envelope back - that bottom left print is my favourite.

 Quilted front piece with wavy 'organic' lines

Pippi the Poser

Ruby is a  whole nother dog......hated the orange teddybear coat we were given with her, so I found some Ruby coloured polar fleece in my stash....and Whippy-ed up a new coat, BUT she is not going to let me photo her!!

No Mum!

No Mum!

No no Mum
 It's that thing that sticks out its nose at me!

You're killing me!

There - ONE shot!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I love that flannel print too - I made my sister a pair of comfy PJ's in it - and didn't want to part with them!
Such a camera-shy pup!