Monday, 6 June 2011

Snuggly wuggly

Is definitely how I would describe the deliciousness of a AMH Flannel quilt, made for a girlfriend's first baby (arriving soon!)
I can't believe how bad the photos are (I secretly hate it when people apologise for their photo quality or dirty windows etc - so a little bit of self-loathing happening here)
I think some kind of new camera is instore
(I always blame my tools hehe!)
After good advice from blogland especially Claire of Matching Pegs, I made the pattern super easy and with larger than normal seams, due to the 'interesting-ness' of sewing with flannel.  It really did come together like a breeze, not so much lint everywhere as others had stated (or maybe there is so much lint already surrounding me and my machine, that I didn't notice another layer?)

Love a good quilt with legs

Some cakes for the baby shower - made from this recipe - Everyone Loved Them!  aw shucks
They were yum - but not for weak of heart arteries.
and my quilt was really loved too - I was well thanked - which is a much needed boost to my sewing ego, when others don't say thank you AT ALL for gifts (made and bought)..sad face...

My new hand-project - can't believe I'm actually saying that a bundle of Garden Party AMH recently  and love it - waiting patiently for its pattern to emerge (as they do sometimes).

Bought a 2" hexagon template from Mill Rose Cottage - so so pretty shop - taking the fam back there under the pretence of the apparently wonderful cafe next door and the super cute little town of Ballan.  Why in Ballan?  Cos it was just down the road from Hepburn Springs and a most wonderful place called Craft Retreat!  Couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of staying there over 2 nights with a lovely bunch of girls from Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.  It. was. so. good.  (more to come) 

Kindov addictive!!


Kirsty said...

Love the 2" hexagon they really show of the print of the material

Rachel said...

The 2" hexagons look great!

And the cafe next door was definitely amazing. The autumn berry tart I had was divine.

Karen said...

Ohhh next time we must chat about Ballan! I think a crafty get together in that town like Jodie at Ric Rac did would be fun - looks like a gorgeous shop.
Lovely to see you last night - looking forward to seeing more AMH in progress.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

The quilt looks lovely Bronwyn!

So do the hexies - I am contemplating an English Paper piecing project myself - but diamonds and squares.

There are too many things on my list of things to do though.

Wendy . . . said...

Hexagons are fabulous .... even better in real life ... almost sparks a need to make some too ... almost! I will admire yours .... yes I love those AMH fabrics too ... baby quilt came up beautifully!