Friday, 9 December 2011

December Sunshine

 Yay! Photos are reappearing here on Whippy Goodness - blog is not a blog without some sort of pictorial voyeurism!

Melbourne is having the most beautiful pre-Christmas days  - maybe a little hot for those out and about, but for those who have the 'um' luxury of being at home in a chair (or beanbag) all day long; it's the BOMB!

My first walk outside enjoying my Spring Flourishing Garden:

Yes, I said 'walk' - I'm up and about now - Wahoo - albeit slow and steady I have great plans of exercising on the 'evil' stairs - okay maybe just 3 or 4 at first - my muscles are so weak and my bum has slid down so low that I will need implants sometime soon, just so I look like I have one! (apparently most common plastic surgery - who'd thunk it?)
Still in The Chair, but certain people in the house are talking, just quietly about 'bed' sleeping, just a suggestion, see how it goes kinda thing..,,,
I think I feel a little attached to the thing I've been sleeping in for past 3 weeks and as weird as it sounds I'm just a little nervous about doing the 'normal' thing again....what if it hurts? what if I can't get out? what if?????
Amazing how pain can change your psyche but it is amazing how we can change our brain!
Wish me luck!

Ooh - It's Christmas time isn't it - I have almost missed it all! - here's a little sample of some late (for us) decorating:
Despite my (quietly) anti-northern hemisphere snow laden Christmas scenes for our Summer Australian Christmas, which means sunshine, beachtime, bbqs (to me!); edit: I've just thought of more things that mean Christmas in Summer to me: MANGOS, cherries, nectarines - I love my Summer Fruit! (but still addicted to Plum Pudding!)
My DD2 was Desperate and I mean Desperate for a Winter Theme of Silver, White and Blue

The angel on top needs serious flying be remedied


My DD2 Rocks big time!

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Clair said...

*sigh* I am so envious.....a colour co-ordinated Christmas! My dd still wants all the decorations we have, and I'm sure some of them are as old as the ark.
Take it easy while you're still in invalid mode......sit down and eat a couple of mangoes. I've heard they have miracle recovery properties!