Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Im on the mend which is the only sew-y pun I can muster today. Sunday was my best day in 2weeks. I was able to leave the house to go to dear friends baby celebration lunch. I got dressed into real clothes for first time .... Ahhh a bra! And walked (like a zombie I'm sure) with lanky hair (why does it do that?) and some make up and the best smile I could muster! I couldn't hold the baby. Really for her sake more than mine and I was a conversation stopper when I snail walked to a chair and lowered myself gingerly down. " I'm down!" I announced and the room cheered!

I've just asked for some serious extensions on my first 2 assignments. Did I mention I'm a Uni student now. After years of saying never again I am doing a Master of Info Studies through CSU online. Feeling rather teary about it today just realizing how far behind I am but...I can do it and I will do it! I have a wonderful reward late Jan next year ( special hubbie and wife trip to NZs marlbough wine region YUM. Which is a great incentive to stop the fabric p*** as my husband so eloquently puts it. And get down to stretching some brain cells.

So, life at the moment is looking up. A little down then up again. I've the most wonderful neighbours giving us cooked dinners which was a life saver last night.

I have so many things I want to do for my blog:

need to post photos of retreat at Hepburn Springs back in early Nov I gave a promise to share and it will happen!
Photos of DD1s 14 birthday
Sewing of hexagons on my AMH quilt
Making of hexagons to be appliqu├ęd for last round of Medallion quilt along
Photos of DD1s fabulous bag and hat made at school and her fantastic ticker tape cushions she designed without even knowing what the process was
Progress of my +andx quilt. Whole nother story

I'm sure there's more but the big pain in the a*** is that I have to type all this and more using one finger on the iPad Driving me nutso!
So nutso that's it!
Please stay tuned. Some kind of re-admission into the blogosphere will happen!

What I did just forget to say is Thankyou to all my bloggy friends who have been sending me kind wishes and thoughts. If I haven't got back to you personally please don't be offended its prob cos I'm sick to death of typing with one bloody finger! Even just a few caring words can make an ill persons day and sometimes we need a few and sometimes we need a lot but they're all good Much hugs to you all


Rachel said...

glad to hear that you're on the mend!

Helene said...

Holy cow! I just read your post! I'm so sorry you've been in so much pain! It's horrible! Good to hear you're on the way up, back's are nasty business. Sending you love,
xx H