Saturday, 18 June 2011

Clothing scares me

I think this photo scares me!  Camera head!

Some stretchy knit jersey stuff? (I have no idea what you call this fabric) that I picked up for 2 bucks at op-shop - for my muchly looking forward to.... 

Ms Mallalieu

Big Big Step for me - I have no clue AT ALL when it comes to fitting some kind of fabric around my body and I am welcoming the thought of  just kindov winging a design

This rings bells for me - you know the kind that makes your heart stop and brain say Yes Please all at the same time.

Some nice person giving me instruction and signs of approval as I look up imploringly from my work  is what I am looking for and I think I will get it there - so I'm told! lol!

 My first pair of 'cowboy' boots!  I call them that, but don't really believe any authentic cowboy/girl would wear these little pretties!

And they are red!!!

Goes so so well with some looovely linen blend fabric called Jeneveve by Valori Wells - thinking of doing an A-line skirty thing from Sew What Skirts aka the Ubiquitous SIT skirt Sew Along

See that little bit with the leaves - 1/2 yard - what should I do with it?  

Yoke? - It may not be seen when I wear a top over it

Band at bottom? - Does this look like your legs are cut off?

Strip along one leg?  - Too weird or 'disruptive' to main pattern of skirt?

My lovely lovely 'roses' from my Australasian Bee girls - my idea was for lots of pink or green or a combo of both crazy-pieced blocks of all different sizes to make a bouquet of sorts of roses.

Haven't really got a clue how I am going to put them together - probably group some and piece some out and about in the quilt - like an arrangement in a vase???  I have loved getting (most) of my blocks back - though I'm not quibbling over some pieces of fabric that may or may not come back to me  - all the very best to them!

The Bee has now finished - Thank you to Jo of SparklyGreenKnickers for being the coordinator - the blocks and people have been varied and interesting (some stay involved and some very rarely) and I hope to keep up with at least a few of you  - may see you again in another Aussie/NZ bee - Hope So!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Some stuff off my table

Piles of things on my cutting/sewing table are a common thing...things on the go; things to do; things to inspire; and left-overs....

AMH's flannel pieces leftover from my previously blogged baby quilt - sitting quietly, not wanting to be put away in the 'forgotten' box
has become
a little snuggly cushion cover!
Should it go to the baby or stay with me???  Baby doesn't need a pillow so.......

An easy peasy envelope back - that bottom left print is my favourite.

 Quilted front piece with wavy 'organic' lines

Pippi the Poser

Ruby is a  whole nother dog......hated the orange teddybear coat we were given with her, so I found some Ruby coloured polar fleece in my stash....and Whippy-ed up a new coat, BUT she is not going to let me photo her!!

No Mum!

No Mum!

No no Mum
 It's that thing that sticks out its nose at me!

You're killing me!

There - ONE shot!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Snuggly wuggly

Is definitely how I would describe the deliciousness of a AMH Flannel quilt, made for a girlfriend's first baby (arriving soon!)
I can't believe how bad the photos are (I secretly hate it when people apologise for their photo quality or dirty windows etc - so a little bit of self-loathing happening here)
I think some kind of new camera is instore
(I always blame my tools hehe!)
After good advice from blogland especially Claire of Matching Pegs, I made the pattern super easy and with larger than normal seams, due to the 'interesting-ness' of sewing with flannel.  It really did come together like a breeze, not so much lint everywhere as others had stated (or maybe there is so much lint already surrounding me and my machine, that I didn't notice another layer?)

Love a good quilt with legs

Some cakes for the baby shower - made from this recipe - Everyone Loved Them!  aw shucks
They were yum - but not for weak of heart arteries.
and my quilt was really loved too - I was well thanked - which is a much needed boost to my sewing ego, when others don't say thank you AT ALL for gifts (made and bought)..sad face...

My new hand-project - can't believe I'm actually saying that a bundle of Garden Party AMH recently  and love it - waiting patiently for its pattern to emerge (as they do sometimes).

Bought a 2" hexagon template from Mill Rose Cottage - so so pretty shop - taking the fam back there under the pretence of the apparently wonderful cafe next door and the super cute little town of Ballan.  Why in Ballan?  Cos it was just down the road from Hepburn Springs and a most wonderful place called Craft Retreat!  Couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of staying there over 2 nights with a lovely bunch of girls from Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.  It. was. so. good.  (more to come) 

Kindov addictive!!