Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Do we have a responsiblity?

Just had an 'interesting' interaction with another blogger who makes quilts - I happened across (as you do) her blog through others' links to a very pretty quilt she had designed and made and called it a 'Baby' quilt.  This quilt was done in all over raw edge applique - the threads were already showing, even though some edges were pinked, probably through washing, and were obviously starting to fray.

I left a comment on her post, regarding how much I liked her colour placement and design, but suggested that it not be named a 'baby' quilt, because of obvious threats to infant safety such as threads catching in baby's throat, around fingers etc. I stated that I did not want to sound negative, but cautious because others may not be aware of infant safety concerns.

My comment was posted - a little while later, I received an email stating that because she names all her quilts and her designs according to its size, it will remain a 'baby' quilt.  That's it.  Nothing else.  I'm afraid I saw red after finding out that she had removed my comment from her blog (as if it was abhorrent) and so replied with a rather sarcastic tone (of which I am not too proud of) thanking her for removing  my comment from her post, just in case others became aware of some issues other than her wonderful quilt design.

Do you think others should be warned of any dangers regarding infant safety, or is it simply none of my business, I should pull my head in and let people do whatever (to their quilts, their families)...without any footnote needed.

Should one line of warning be placed? Do designers have a responsibility to those that follow them?

Why are bloggers so sensitive to any form of criticism?  Is it because We just want to be liked - isn't that a major reason why we blog our creativity, so that others can see, and admire, and chat about and review and so many other things.....

I know its her blog, so she can do what she likes, just as this is my blog - we love the connections blogging brings us - how far do these connections go?  how do we know where the line is drawn between criticism and friendly advice?

Do give me either criticism or friendly advice - it's okay!  I will accept both!


Susie said...

Bron, I absolutely agree with you in pointing out the dangers of her baby quilt design (which she obviously wasn't aware of) and I am very disappointed that she removed your comment when you tried to help her to understand. I can only hope there is a little voice in her head telling her the right thing to do.

As far as responsibility goes, I do think it is ultimately with the parent. But parents need information with which to make their choices. That is where the designers need to help. A note, to point out a possible danger is better than an unnecessary accident.

BTW, I have had a very similar experience to you when I commented on a cot bumper. I think they should be banned but don't get me started on that one!!

willywagtail said...

O dear. I've had someone give me suggestions on strap lengths for children's bags when I knew perfectly well that the length I made them was suitable for the purpose intended. Of course I was a bit miffed but I certainly didn't remove her comment. It was perfectly valid from her stanpoint. Bloggers really are a sensitive lot. I totally don't get the copyright issue of any blogger except those that actually sell the initial designs. I don't get people saying they are the person that came up with something, rather as if they had invented the wheel or fire, forgetting that we are all being influenced by similar media, products and needs. I do get where bloggers get upset if their personal colour and embellishments as well as photographs and tutorials are obviously stolen. I don't understand where nicely worded disagreement is seen as nasty. It really is a sad playground out there and we, the mature ones (wink) need to just let the kiddies be and move away to our higher levels of play. Cherrie

Bronwyn said...

thanks Susie for your comment - yes I agree that it is absolutely down to parents parenting their own child - but who grows up knowing exactly the right thing for their new child - we can only learn as we go along (I know I did!) and we especially need to learn from others and their own experiences, and I suppose that is where I was coming from - trying to help others help themselves..... and I completely agree with you on bumpers!!!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Cherrie - always love hearing from you!! I agree that disagreement is not nasty and should not be seen as so - we may have a degree of a righteous attitude towards our stuff and ourselves that it can block any lateral thinking regarding what we are saying, doing, creating.

Janine said...


i'd rather not be responsible for unwittingly harming a child. i think you offered the comment with good intentions ... and maybe lap size would be a more appropriate size for that one rather than baby.
easily fixed :)

Issabella The Cat said...

Wow! If I'd made something for a baby that had an obvious hazard issue I'd really want to know (Read that as please tell me if I do!) If I was in her situation I think I would do some rebranding to baby wall hanging or something similar.
Craft bloggers are a sensitive lot aren't we lol
I have to agree with Willywagtail though that sometimes it gets a little silly, "No misses whoever you are, you didn't actually create that block, it's been around since before our grandmothers and you've resized it and funked it up with new fabrics" It seriously winds me up to see a blogger write a tute for something simple like a charm square quilt top then tell people if they use the pattern they should give credit back. I'm all for giving credit where it's due but common ladies we're not, as has been said, inventing the wheel here.
rant over lol