Sunday, 5 February 2012

My lovely scrappy +and x quilt!

My lovely jubbly scrappy wrappy quilt is finished!

It has a little bit of history (a rather annoying and frustrating visit to a professional baster who chopped off a good section of the pieced back URRGGHHRR!) which put it in my 'bad books' for a while...til I realised that it was not my quilt's fault...and I began to love it again!

Big kiss and hug for my quilt...X O

Do you feel this way about your work when finally done and dusted?

Have you had any troubles with 'professionals' who don't do the 'Right Thing' by the quilt or the quilter??? Vent to me and we can vent together!!


Cathy said...

Oh Bron it looks fabulous! Sorry to hear it had a little glitch but I'm glad you love it again. How many different fabrics did you use in it did you count? xo

Rachel said...

The finished thing looks great! I'm glad it worked its way out of your bad books, it's beautiful

carol fun said...

Such a colorful quilt - I love it!

Stacey said...

It looks really fab...and I am so jealous yours is finished!!! I have got mine out this arvo to see if cant motivate myself to get the borders on :)

Janine said...

have started making more blocks - was motivated after seeing yours finished.