Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dr Who Spectacular!

Family Christmas Present happening yesterday!

Dr Who Spectacular with  the MSO
Australian First

So So Good

Hosted by 'Canton'
He was a fantastic host and performed impeccably

3 hours of fantastic music solely composed by the amazing Murray Gold

Video (with just a little glitch...everyone laughed and laughed when the sonic screwdrivers came out!!!)

Solo performances by Antoinette Halloran
and Tobias Cole
Just Beautiful.

Photos from inside the beautiful Plenary Theatre came out pretty rotten and even outside where not crash hot.....but we did find some aliens  YAY!!!!

There were DALEKS, Cybermen, a Judoon, OODs, Vampires of Venice, 



Fez, bowtie and "Mrs Tennant" t-shirt!

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