Sunday, 13 May 2012

Doing lovely things for others

This is my Mother's Day breakfast - my new new favourite breakfast - thick fruit toast with Maggie Beer's Burnt Fig Jam with Honeycomb and Caramel ice-cream - oh my word - it is GOOOOD!
Plus the ubiquitous cup o' tea - strong, with milk please!

I also got a lovely pot of white cyclamens - Gorgeous, and some skin cream - well done family!
Had a lovely lie in reading my Good magazine I get sent from NZ.

More on that mag later.....

Talking of lovely family doings........

'Doing it For Sarah Jane - our Favourite Companion"
This was our motto last week!

My DD2 had a brilliant idea - "Let's raise money for Breast Cancer Research, in honor of Elizabeth Sladen, who died of cancer last year"

"I will organise it all "- (was music to my ears!)

You Go Girl!!!!

A beautiful start to the morning, but then rain rain rain!
Cold, but well fed, sheltered (of sorts!) (well done Hubbie!), hours and hours of waiting for customers, chatting to them, inviting them to make a donation 
$301.60 later

What a wonderful thing for a young girl to do!
My Girl is a Star!

EDIT::  Vintage gold velour couch still available!!! 
It is really cute with wingbacks and arm covers
Just picture it recovered in AMH fabric - I know you can.
Email me and its yours!
Edit 2#::  anyone keen on vintage chenille - I have tons!!  Again let me know and we can work something out (Aussie post only - ta muchly)


Janine said...

no one wants that ab fab couch???

hope all the study has gone ok.

bec said...

oooh, just saw this post- do you still have the chenille? I use it for quilt backs a lot. happy to come a pick up too!