Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner

My Mum Won a Brother!
At the recent AQC, Mum wanted to see the Brother stall to see a very very inexpensive model of machine - hers is sooo old the Driving Belt!! was broken and needed fixing,
we wandered past the stall at the show, found a little pad of entries for a comp.
Why Not? we said,
filled out the details,
Mum's snazzy wazzy, super smart, mother of a Brother!
We are at a Brother sewing shop, in Moonee Ponds - Evelyn taught (us both!) for a solid hour - she was very patient and informative,
but actually, 
I think the machine has self-awareness - I'm just waiting for it to say 'good job'! and 'want a neck massage?'

Mum has been wanting to get on my blog for awhile now - nothing like 'asking'!!!  
Now all us bloggers are expecting big things, Mummo; first thing first - your bag pattern needs some fabric!

A random shot of a very quick (think 45mins) date with the hubbie 
- while both DDs are dancing, we have an opportunity no to be missed!)
Goats cheese, red onion, prosciutto pizza and a very guzzley glass of savingon blank (exactly as it's written!)


Cathy said...

Wow, congrats to your Mum what a lovely surprise. Nice dinner, yum. xo

Annie said...

I didn't think people actually won those comps, that is fantastic

Janine said...

what a fantastic win !
it looks like it will do everything - are you having machine envy?

Amy said...

What a lucky lady! Congratulations to your Mum!