Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sample Swaps

Sample Swaps by Whippet Good
Sample Swaps, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.
Just a little photo of some pressies made for SIT Canberra - not just blog ready, but ready ready!!

Hubbie wants some for ourselves...well, I might just have to do that.

On a side note - I have to learn how to crochet before end of next week  - cos I kinda booked myself into a not-so beginner class - yikes!  Okay, I thought, I will just head to the op-shop for some practice wool (I have a crochet hook from eons ago) and they. had. no. wool.  The lady had to tell me 3 times, cos obviously the look on my face was telling her that I thought she was a liar!!

Something's wrong in the world, when you can't get a naffy bit of acrylic wool from your local oppie.

Anyone suggest a really really good tute for beginner beginner 'hooker' (okay, I admit I have made a scarf before but nothing has stuck in my mind regarding this craft at all)  UK terminology please - why different names I just want to know!!!!


Danielle said...

Ooh they look lovely!! I've just finished mine tonight too. :)

I think the tutes on the meet me at mikes website for learning to crochet are supposed to be the shiz. Good luck!!

ARTwendy ... said...

hey have you taught yourself to crochet yet???? my those swap items look amazing ... hope i'm in yours again!! xx

lisa :: the red thread said...

Bron thanks so much for the gorgeous cushion cover that I was lucky enough to get in the swap! It's lovely!