Friday, 5 October 2012

No. 290

Joining in with Blogtoberfest - feeling left out and really, I have no excuses anymore!  Uni has finished for the year - huge weight off shoulders (til I get my last assignment result back) and now I don't feel guilty if I do anything else other than read copious um..boring... journal articles!

I am No. 290!  Join in too, not cos you have to, but cos it's a lovely challenge to do!  You may not get reams from me each day, though I do have a little bit of catch up, so you may get some random photos pop up, some book reviews, some sneak peak sewing stuff, who knows???

I Saw You Dancing is the lovely hostess this year! 

Have not touched up the colour in this photo - a Koh Samet special - flower heaven!

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