Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Last Day Skirt

People may think just because it is the end of October, when a certain (weird and really unnecessarily commercial IMHO) occasion that I show my mug on my blog.

Yes - it is true - I am showing you a scary thing, no, its not my pair of lily white legs, but one more skirt I have just made!!!  In one day!!!

Simplicity 2226
Michael Miller fabric - giraffes with the cutest expressions
Pleats, no gathering - ooh ahh
Smaller size than my last one
I got the zip in really well...STILL don't know how I did just happens
Yes, it is too young for me, but so what...I'm living a little.

As much fun as Blogtober is and reading everyones contributions, I am glad it is over.

This ol' Slow Blogger can re-emerge.....slowly ;)

ps - I just counted up my October posts - 13!  Unlucky for some???  That's okay - I did my best - this month has been a hard one personally, so I will try and beat my record next year!


ARTwendy ... said...

hey you ... love your skirt & that fabric in that colour way is a personal fav ... hope things are ok xo

Danielle said...

You are quite the blogging overachiever! I can't even remember the last time I blogged but I'm doing the slow blogging movement proud I'm sure. Awesome skirt! I have that pattern, and one day I might even make one! Soooo happy you're joining our bee!! Happy dance. Bye love xx

Cas said...

No way that is too young it's gorgeous :) go you.

Michelle said...

Ooh love your skirt! No it's not too "young". The size of my skirt making stash recently stopped me from buying monkey fabric! Otherwise I would have been so there.

Karen said...

I really like that pattern Bron, and I don't think it's too young for you at all - lovely.