Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Silk and Smiles

I promised a friend a happy post next - this makes me smile - hubbie and I are dressed up as Thai people - we had such a giggle!!!

After exploring the beautiful Queen Sirikit of Thailand Textile Museum (no photos allowed, but the silk was magnificant!) we were ushered into a maze of corridors that we weren't quite sure about - smiles all around said it was fine - Fine? It was Fun! Some lovely young women welcomed us into the Thai way of textiles and then proceeded to dress us up!!!

I remember having a laugh as the young lady was changing my top into this beautiful Thai silk folded wrap around - it had to be off the shoulder and my bra strap was showing - that can't be right I said - what do Thai women do about that? - we don't have enough up top to worry about said she with a grin!  We laughed and laughed.

Hubbie and I felt like schoolkids pretending to be grownups in another world.


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ARTwendy ... said...

wow .. i love travel stories ... wonderful moments to treasure that just can't be "clicked" by a camera ... & i adore that colour on you Bron! yay ...