Thursday, 1 November 2012

It makes me sad

What is it with Sponsored Blog Posts that have nothing to do with the blog's usual crafty, cooking, family stuff?

I can't read them - I have to remove them from my reading list - as I said to one blog, who I have read for years, if I want to read/watch ads, I would turn on the TV.  I have already removed 2 blogs who I often enjoyed reading their witty prose and creativeness because they would rather advertise in pretence of a blog post about themselves.

I'm sorry Bloggy People who are changing their blog this way - I know it is their blog and they can do with it as they see fit.

I guess to me, it is a decline in why I started reading blogs in the first place - it sure wasn't to be advertised to.  I want to read blogs about people's crafts, their everyday lives, what makes them tick, what delights them today.  Don't you think we have enough ads in our lives?  Blogging for me gets me away from the bombardment we have these days - is this sanctuary being eroded?

It does make me sad, and just a little mad too.

Does anyone else feel this way?


Mel said...


PS the word i was asked to type below is Sigging. My whippet's name is Sig.

Cas said...

i liked your point about geting away from the bombardment of advertising. ive never thought of it like that :)for me i guess i dont mind the odd ad, but certainly not those ones that flash & change. that distracts me & gets very annoying.

ARTwendy ... said...

hey Bron ... I am with you on this one completely ... I too have stopped reading people's blog because of their obvious product 'placement' in posts or such ... when it influences them to that degree ... sorry but why did you start keeping a blog in the first place? who have you sold out to? ok there are plenty of small businesses that have evolved out of blogs & i'm working on that idea myself but there is a line between being an advert carrier & telling people about what you do yourself ... i choose to not be bombarded! yay Bron for saying what you think about it!

Jeannette Bruce said...

I agree with you! I lose interest in reading blogs that have become an advertisement. Yes, we have enough advertising. I'm less and less interested in reading them and they are gradually getting kicked off my reading list.

Danielle said...

Absolutely agree, I'm getting fed up with it too. Another issue is the blogs that are clearly posting a sponsored ad, but don't disclose that fact. That annoys me. You can't do that on radio or in a newspaper.

Helene said...

Hi Bronwyn, you know, I recently started a new little online business, and went back and forth in my thinking about whether to have a separate business blog, or not. I started one, and after a few posts, decided I didn't want to be writing 2 blogs, so I linked my personal blog to the business site. I did post a couple or so posts about my business on my personal blog, but it didn't feel quite right. I really cherish my personal blog, and its followers, and I decided I'd stop doing that. Anyway. I think the blog gods have spoken cos my business site has died (as in technical issues) and I'm having to redo the whole thing from scratch. This time, I'm going to include a blog with the site, and restore my personal blog to just that - personal stuff, because truthfully, I too hate ads that impinge on my personal enjoyment time, and don't want to irritate others by doing the same thing to them. Thanks for this post, and for everyone's comments. It's helped to confirm that my thinking is right. x H

Kylie said...

I am with you on this too. I have found myself not going back to those blogs.

Karen said...

Oh Bron I am totally with you here - it drives me mad!
A while back it was Yoghurt - if i saw one more post about a picnic in the park with the kids enjoying a yoghurt or yoghurt-based cake I thought I would go mad!
I also hate seeing people 'selling' their family on their blog - using them to generate money.
I love that blogging introduced me to a community of people, a strong like-minded group of people and it saddens me that the advertising world saw this as yet another opportunity to bombard us with product plaecement.
Bravo to you for switching off - I too have removed several blogs from my reader as a result.