Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What Whippys are up to this week.

Ahhh....school holidays...do you love them? do you dislike them?

We do love them in our house - our girls go flat out each long term, so school hols are times of sleeping, lazying, telly watching and cooking! Lots of cooking lately, so the kitchen is in permanent state of mess.  The dishwasher never works so hard than in school hols lol!
DD1's stuffed capsicum - she said it was so full of good stuff, but I can't remember what - she gobbled it right up!

A spontaneous request for knitting lessons by DD2!
some nice big and chunky bamboo needles, some nice big chunky wool in a gorgeous teal colour (that is my go to colour, my 2013 colour ha!)

AND some sewing for me to do!  AusMod Bee gal Julie of Narioka wanted stars and using her very pretty selection of lots of Art Gallery fabrics (Love!) I chose these:

Ribbon Star: link 12"

Constellation (from Block Tool app) 6"  This was a nightmare block, just quietly - Julie may want to throw this one away....

Eccentric Star: link 6"

April Star: link 6"

Forgot to mention a big (for me) cos it is so long time coming (breath) reveal...


Jeannette Bruce said...

Big reveal?? Your block choices are really great. I just love this bee! Everyone has come up with some amazing stuff!

Kirsten said...

Your blocks are beautiful Bronwyn - all of the smaller stars will look lovely together!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

a reveal sounds very interesting....
I like school hols for the sleep ins and slower starts to each day.

cat and vee xoxo said...

gorgeous blocks Bron! Can't wait to see your big reveal. I LOVE pottering-around holidays - sleep-ins, slow starts, no school lunches to make, lots of reading and TV. Perfect.