Friday, 5 July 2013

Some quickies

I love doing little quickie sewing projects because they are usually hanging around forever in little piles somewhere around my sewing space - I see them and see them, but leave it til 'whenever'!  There is always something more pressing or interesting - well,

I have completed a lovely little neck scarf (is there any other kind???) made from a random scrap piece of Liberty Silk Jersey I picked up from Shaukrat in London - it feels just devine - I tell, you, I could wear this fabric all day all over, under and over clothes - it is sooo soft and silky and pretty to boot!

A vintage piece of cotton was given to me from someone (my mum I think given to her by an elderly friend)
Very narrow - how funny - and crisp almost stiff
Didn't have a clue what to do with it
but it is has been hemmed either end, and with a very nice and neat selvedge it will be an outdoor table runner for summer!  Oh Yes - planning summer already hehe!  I love an outdoor tablecloth and I've got a little collection of good vintage fabrics (read sheets!) in fun colours for some warm and colourful dining.

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