Sunday, 1 April 2007

WIP Finished! 2376 to go!

Close up of my 'Cookies' quilt Finally finished and off to the School Fair Silent Auction! I was so pleased when I snuck a peak at the progress of the auctions and TWO people had bidded for my quilt! Wow - what a buzz! My friend Kirsten won it and she was so happy to give it to her niece for a birthday present. I feel really stoked that someone liked my work enough to give it as a pressie for a loved one - that's what my sewing is all about - giving love to people through my 'artwork'.Oops - this picture is wonky - angle your head on your left shoulder to view!
Fabric from CheekyBeaks - my first canvas material to make into a bag - love the chocolatelyness of the colour and the two prints on the one piece - each print will one side of the bag - now just have to find a bag pattern that is EASY and sort-of tote/bucket/but more long than high.
Tania Lawn hanky to become a display on my wall See Purl's great example and inspiration for beautiful materials in embroidery hoops - I'm scouring op-shops (thrift shops) where ever I go for the hoops big and small. I love this material - so fine and gorgeous print to boot!

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