Friday, 19 October 2007

Bunting, Bronwyn's bag?, blue eyes

I couldn't think of any more 'b' words for the title!

Best op-shop score of the century! Well, maybe not exactly that - but, oh my, am I stoked! Fabbo bag, OiOi, no less, from best oppe shoppe in the world, well maybe, for 7 bucks. The Nappy Bag I wish I had had when I needed one (I chose an ugly thing because it 'matched' the ugly (but inexpensive) first pram). Of course, I didn't get something like this, because we didn't have $185 to spend on a bag!!!! Wouldn't spend that now either, but I will spend $7 - should I sell on ebay or just keep it to admire all of its pockets, its little change mat, its insulated bottle carrier, its sweet broderie anglaise covered in practical pvc and oh so delightful red gingham insides. Can someone, or is the question, should someone actually fall in love with a nappy bag?

Next, oh, still, my heart for I yearn for thee - bunting, that is. It makes me think of medieval times; jesters and circuses and Ladies and Knights. Made this and loved it - must. make. more. One of my fav fabric ranges by 'Chloe's Closet' - made a quilt from same range and still have Heaps left over. This is for little baby bunting boy. I think I need some too. I backed my triangles (some people just do zig-zagged edges - which look great too)

One more thing - latest mini-moopy for friend's daughter -

First time used 'whip-stitch' to sew up her 'cough' bottom-hole; please don't laugh at me all you softies sewers, please be kind to people like me who really don't know what we are doing, we just look at your wonderful sites and sigh and wish that maybe one day something wonderful will be born from our own hands. Yadda Yadda Yadda. No really, I read on someone's blog (sorry not sure who!) about using a whip-stitch which tightens as you make each stitch in a ladder pattern and so, tried it and it worked. I love the internet. I love you crafty guys out there. Snaps for all of you!

she had a little 'blow-out' (moopy, not daughter), of course, spotted once stuffed and sewn up!!

'I love to tumble off the stair railing, I was born to do this!' Cheeky little mite!

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Jodie said...

Yay for bunting bron, I made some for myself and we hang it in the cherry tree every now and again when we eat outside - and truly it makes an occassion of it - go on make yourself some , it's like using your mums best silver to eat sausages !!