Thursday, 18 October 2007

Donuts and fabric - yes!

Donut cake, runny pink icing and lollie decorations - does it get any better? (or easier?)

8 year old birthday party - PJ party, no less! 2 hours of pajama, slipper, teddy and doona fun!
LOVE giving home parties - finding a theme, writing food lists, games lists, I don't know who enjoys them more - the birthday girl or the stressed out (but happy) mummy!
A nice complement was given by a Mum of a guest: "that was the best party I've ever been to!" - wow! I don't know what other parties that stacks against - but if the kids are happy, so am I! My girl is such a party planner; birthdays and Christmas get planned, organised, listed, relisted, changed, changed again for months and months ahead of time. AAAAHHH! But when the party is over, and hubbie and I say "Yes, that really worked well"; we smile and thank God that it doesn't happen again for another 365 days!

King of the Kids in the midst of musical doonas

I love this photo - 2 best friends stayed overnight and HELPED to clean up!

This piccie is of a game of 'Sleeping Dragons' - the 5 mins of peace and quiet was heaven on a stick!
Did I mention fabric? of course I did! Went on a Heather Ross Lightening Bugs and other mysteries bender! Dogs, gnomes, goldfish, spots and stripes - after my first twirly skirts I went crazy with ideas and with strong Aussie dollar (yeah) online shopping I went!
Hand washed and drying in the strong morning sun, I can't believe I want to do some ironing to get these babies ready.

Edited: Some family pictures removed

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summer pickles said...

wow, great fabrics, nice finds! x