Thursday, 4 October 2007

Twirls galore and a little bit of cartwheeling

Daughter No. 2's layer skirt: easy pattern, except when I cut the middle layer piece the wrong way, but some quick seams fixed that up (and you can't see it, yeah), lots of zig zag stitching along seam edges (I actually thought that this should be done, because past home-made clothing didn't have this, and the fraying seams are so depressing, uh dur!) SO, lots of stitching later, a little bit of gathering, a bit of pinning and cursing (pins through dermis layer not so nice).

She's pretty happy with it, and so, it deserves a cartwheel! Clothes must be cartwheel friendly, don't you know.

Twirly skirt girl had a friend over for a play - so we made Anzac gingerbread people! Why Not!
Had these fun cutout shapes - they really tickle my fancy - I love a bit of cheek! The kids had a great time making strange shapes from the mixture - not the easiest stuff to mold, due to oats etc. but they had a ball. Freeform cooking is so much fun!

Talking about freeform cooking - check out these piccies! Had to take photos of the chaos left by an exploding tomato paste container - Grose!
Edited: Family pictures removed


Anonymous said...

That looks like my kitchen without exploding tomoto paste =) he he!!
Love the skirt and very important indeed that it is cartwheel friendly! You have got me craving Anzacs now - its been too long since I baked some up!!

Jodie said...

Bron , I love it !!!That kitchen diaster is just so good - makes me feel better about the disaster I am living in currently.
The cartwheel deserves much applause also - a cartwheel is a tricky beast, especially skirted!

Annie said...

PS ... Is is indeed a chocolate ripple cake. I made a one and a zero to make the number 10, and it was VERY yummy. One of my favourites. As for the orchids, one of my friend's mother gave me 5 big pots of them earlier this year when I wasn't well. So it will be a lovely surprise seeing what colour they all are. I only had one pot B4. II feel very lucky!