Friday, 28 November 2008

Spring chicks and treasures

Spring babies hatching from tiny eggshells, torn, jagged,

yet out they pop, growing in their hidden home, waiting for that right moment to fly nervously out of their nest.

This shot was taken minutes before they flew their first flight.

I felt like a proud and anxious mama.

Then the HAIL come down!

Why now , little ones, to choose your first steps? Hubbie reassured me that they knew exactly what to do and would hunker down til the storm died out.

Found this little treasure in Op-Shop in Chapel St. Windsor - gee that's a fun place to explore!

Couldn't you just see it with darling new curtains and a new paint job...little girly treasures on top......

I just loved the opening doors!

For $150 it did seem expensive for something that needed a lot of work done to it - Hubbie and I wracked our brains for somewhere to put it at home, but could not agree - alas, it stays.

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Louise said...

Those photos of the birds are so sweet. And that dressing table is a beauty - too bad I have nowhere either!