Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sunday Stash....& a bit of Cath....& a bit of oohlala

I keep (accidently) deleting my photos from this post - but I will prevail - Bag of Cath will be shown!  Now it is out of order and all mixed up, but anyway.....straight off the plane (see below)..

It's going everywhere with me!

Found this lovely piece of info about French toile......Oh, French General please move to Melbourne! 

Do any Melbournians know of any shop similar?

 Here are some lovely french textiles from French General.......

My Mum came back from a London trip with lots of goodies for Moi!

Under strict instructions to visit the Cath Kidston store conveniently located in the village she was staying in!!!!  she bought me these......(I actually gave her a list of things I liked from the online shop and just said ...you choose!!

She chose GOOD!
Little egg cosy - love it!

Tea towel and oven mitts - love love love!

My Sunday Stash......(Sundays are tooo busy for me at the moment for any talk about stashing, but better late than never)

I promised some photos of my toile stash:  

This one is probably my Very First piece of quilt fabric


willywagtail said...

Toile is glorious isn't it? It just doesn't suit my house so I never cut it up. It is nice to see your stash. Cherrie

Louise said...

I'm green over all that lovely Cath - lucky girl!! That last pic of the stuff from General was in at Amitie as some stage. Love your stash - you have some great fabrics!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Cath bag.......must make my fabric up into a bag someday! Lovely toile too - maybe we should compare stashes one day.

1/4 of an inch said...

It kind of make my small piece of toile rather sad...what an amazing stash you have, Tam xo