Friday, 28 November 2008

DQS 5 progress

Yes, there is progress! Not quite 'blog finished'- just sewing on binding - but it will be done by deadline of Dec 1st! I amaze myself sometimes!

Handquilted with perle cotton thread - didn't do the 'hoop' thing, maybe because it was a small piece - and the stitches are not so perfect - but I am kinda happy with it!

I stitched when I was feeling good, and stitched when I was feeling sick, then when I was feeling bored, frustrated, restful and contented! Basically, every size of stitch is in this thing, but I hope my partner can overlook the inconsistencies and enjoy it anyway.

I am addicted to checking out the DQS5 Flickr site - A.d.d.i.c.t.e.d.

This is the best part of the swap - seeing everyone's masterpiece!

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Louise said...

Don't you just love checking out all the photos. The range of styles is fantastic. I love handquilting for its imperfections so I just know your quilt will be soft and lovely and enjoyed by its recipient!