Thursday, 6 November 2008

Some golden highlights

A light Summer dressing-gown for my first bubby (who is forever growing!) made from a vintage sheet - very soft, flowing, cool and pretty! Just like her!

My 'Sunday Stash' is so late it is getting ridiculous!

Lots of toile is popping up  (which I have always truly loved) - so I have posted a piece of my own - just the one today - but I might do the rest of my toile next week.

This is very Baz !!

Love the dusty golden colour against the soft cream background and the iconic pictures. 

I have thoughts of framing it with my other favourite piece, then handquilting around the toile and around the day!

(please excuse wrinkles)

A swagman

A kookaburra

A settler family


Anonymous said...

Very lovely dressing gown and very lovely daughter. The toile is terrific - I like your idea of framing and handquilting.

Tamara said...

I lovet eh dressing gown Bron, and your girl looks so sweet. I have some lovely fabric that I have been meaning to embroider and day!