Monday, 1 December 2008

DQS5 Lady of the Lake

DQS5 Lady of the Lake
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'Lady of the Lake' - the pattern's title is so romantic, mysterious; it conjures up medieval times, misty lakesides, a longhaired beauty rising from the mist (I think this must be a movie I've seen)

I have wanted to try this pattern for so long!
It did have its little ups and downs - but I am pleased with the result. Doing something different with my sewing is exactly what these swaps are about for me - I could not see myself trying this in a big quilt - I would get too bored with a large piece - but a little (or not so little) quilt is perfect!

Hubbie wants me to keep it! He is always so supportive, despite my 'indulgences' with money and time, headspace and room space!!

I hope my swapee likes it! It is off in the post today!!


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! Well done.....lucky swap partner.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

It looks beautiful!

Lilfrankie said...

It is even more beautiful in real life!

Thankyou Bronwyn! :o)