Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday Stash

Some actual sewing is happening here also!

School Fair Silent Auction needs a quilt - and I shall supply!  

Picked up a fairly non-descript book from library called Quick Colourful Quilts, edited by Rosemary Wilkinson and flicking through some fairly simple patterns, found this little beauty.

  'Moulin Rouge' designed by Claire Higgott. I am replacing the red with a gorgeous pale aqua pindot, which I have yards and yards of.

I love the way the pattern draws your eye out of the rectangle onto the border and piecing is super easy!

Next post I shall show you how!

These are what I am using.....

Love that blue skirt!

Some purchases from Ballarat Patchwork - super quick postage I must say - don't really need, but really really want:

  • The start of my Darjeeling Limited Quilt; based on the wonderfully surreal movie of 3 brothers on a journey through India.  I found the movie:  Funny, sensitive, bizarre, thoughtful, quiet, emotional...all of these things and more.
  • The colours of turquoise and orange stand out to me throughout this movie and so this is what it will become.  Don't know yet in what form - maybe just a quilt in mini proportions, but I want it to reflect the beauty of the simplicity of the colours found in so much architecture and form.

  • Some more Kaffe (it needs no more description that that):

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trashalou said...

Your India quilt sounds like my Fortnums one. Just something about a set of colours together works for me. Although, of course, one day yours will actually get done ;-)