Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sunday Stash slash Op-Shop

No actual slashing going on around here - just a joint post theme - how boring!

I am usually punctual to everything, but just can't seem to get my Sundays in order, so here is my Sunday Stash combined with my Op-Shop outing:

Hubbie came home for a surprise lunch outing - Mt Waverley shops are cute and casual - and of course, there are Op-Shops to explore "I knew you pick this place for a reason!" he smiled.

Lions Op-Shop near the library always has treasures - you know the shops I mean - one will never ever produce any little beauties, and another will abound with delights! This is the shop that abounds with goodies galore!

Some flannel for some winter pj pants for the kids:

Some heavy curtain material for windows that need privacy
- colour is so perfect for down at the beach:

Some Red chenille! I don't have any red, so it must come home with me!
Hubbie just rolls his eyes! I have promised to sell some so you are my witnesses that it will be done. Hold me to it, won't you.

1 comment:

Jodie said...

Watch out for the red bron , give it a good prewash if you are going to sew with it. The only chenille that has ever run on me ??? RED!!!