Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mini quilt challenge and fabric galore

It has been totally remiss of me to not post about my 'Mini Quilt in a Bag' challenge!

I sent some fabric to Alicia of Lucyquilts and she sent some to me - the challenge is to make a mini quilt out of their fabric and any embellishments and then send it back.

I have a plan in mind - even did some sketches! I will be trying some applique and incorporating the interesting extras such as pom-pom ribbon, beads, and a lovely embroidered flower. Alicia told me that there are bits and pieces in the bag which she has had..... since forever!

It is to go in their holiday van - I hope I can do it justice!

Just thinking at the moment - too much other stuff going on - you know what is around the corner!

I did do some shopping - not for myself - for my children (big smile!)

Planing on turning these be-u-ti-ful fabrics into peasant blouses for the kids - over Summer hopefully!

This gorgeous and most coveted piece of fabric is my London Map Fabric! Most sort after, once I spied a little piece in CampFollowerBagLady's cushion.

Could not find it anywhere - was told that it was Very Out of Print!

CFBL led me to Tokyo Mommy - who very generously went down to her local shops IN JAPAN! bought some and posted it to me. The postage was underpriced so I owe her something fabric-y. What do you give to someone who has local fabric stores like hers? Another thing to think about - after Christmas!

Don't you just love the way crafty bloggers look out for each other!

See her etsy shop for some more gorgeous stuff!


Cass said...

OMG I love that map fabric!

Anonymous said...

Hey same doll fabric as my last Sunday Stash in a different color - gorgeous! And now I covet that London fabric - what are you going to do with it??

Jodie said...

Oh I am dead jealous of that map fabric....

Louise said...

Completely fabulous map fabric. What about some good old Aussie fabric in return?! Kristen Doran or something cute like that.

Leigh said...

I just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!