Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Always quilting Sale

'Always Quilting' in Toorak Road, Camberwell is having a 20% Moving Sale! Jenny specialises in longarm quilting and is an extensive supplier of hundreds of different threads etc.

Not a fabric shop as such but great for other sorts of supplies.....

I just went to get some batting and came out with.....

the whole role (it will keep) of Matilda's Own wool/poly blend (no photo - too boring)

some fabulous quilty gift wrap and cards - great for crafters and uninitiated people alike

and lots and lots of very pretty trim - this is just a sample! The girls collected another 3 each!

There were some great books on machine applique and quilting too - didn't get these - the bill was getting bigger all the time, with two little 'shoppers' to help!

I think the store is only open today (Wed) between 10 and 4pm - so get down super quick if you can! Give them a ring to check though.

Also found this flyer - was planning on going as we will be down near there on the weekend (if anyone knows the Penninsula, it is littered with little billboards advertising events - but who can read them at 90kms/hr???

Flyer is much more handy and I plan on going All Day!


EmilyKate said...

Those trims are loooooovely....
thanks for your compliments on my pants :o) You're first in line of you if I ever tire of them ;o) I'm warning you though I'm a midget so they would prolly end up looking like 3/4 pants on any normal-height person :o)

handmaiden said...

glad i popped on to say hello before my journey to Sorrento and came across yr flyer. will definetly be popping in to see what's on offer