Thursday, 15 January 2009

Opped til we dropped!

D1 and I treked off to Pakenham today - Robert Gordon Pottery Factory Outlet

Very very nice stuff - some old styles that may never leave the shop (think brown and orange trout!!!) - but also lots of deliciously pastel and genteel colours of milk, cottonflower, ice, pink vovos, plus some handsome stripes of blue and red. Lots there for everyone! Cafe and a workshop to paint your own (hmmm...maybe a birthday party there would work?)

We got pressies for Weddings, pressies for Birthdays, and pressies Just Because!

"When the pie was open, the birds began to sing..."

Love Cath Kidston and Love Toile!

Then we trawled the Oppys of Pakey!

There are 3 in the main strip shopping then one huge Salvos just around the corner from the Pottery place - I got some pressies that I am going to bring to my Craft Day-Away, plus stuff to sell on ebay and this little treasure:

I know I don't knit, but still....I thought of you guys....

Maybe someone would like it? Just have to ask!

These little fellas are my favourites in the book....

because of Bob, of course.....

This is Bob - he fell out of a tree (about 5m to the road, missed by two cars and rescued by Whippet Good Family) - he went straight to our local Wildlife Rescue Lady who promptly told us that he was a baby Brushtail Possum (not Ringtail, as we thought) and so, needed lots of care - actually another 12 months of care! Bev showed us her other ones in care - two Flying Foxes and a microbat! Absolutely wonderfully facinating! What a great job she does! My two girls were facinated and wanted to become Wildlife Rescuers!

Isn't he the cutest?
Possum's not bad either! Hehe!


Mary :) said...

Love that little pattern booklet. Especially the penguins! So very cute. If it needs a home...

Robert Gordon has been on my to go to list for aaagees. Maybe I'll have to bump it up the list on my next child free day :)

Lisa said...

Brings back lovely memories of our sweet Pia the Ringtail Possum. What a lucky little fellow falling into the Whippet family.