Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Quilt Carnival

 Point Nepean Quilt Show at Sorrento

Same pattern in a strikingly different colourway....

Pattern is called Hidden Wells - found this link and this....

This was my favourite - 'Crushed Raspberries on the Forest Floor' - great title!  (The red sashing is much more raspberry than this though...) It is a copy of Salinda Rupp Quilt 1875.

Close-ups of the samplers:

Closeups from a quilt called......


Accch! Sorry upside-down!

Check out Sharon's photos for some other quilts too!

These photos were taken from on top of the Ferris Wheel at the Carnival at Rye

(not my me - last time I went, I freaked out, shut my eyes tight and 'swore' at the children the whole ride  - so Mummy was banned from the ferris wheel!  
(V. v. soft swearing I promise! Actually anything that wasn't squeals of delight, the children took as 'bad' language)

This was taken from a hill just around the corner from where we were staying - mega bucks view baby!

I am so digging Brooches at the moment (Not 'Badges' as some loved ones have called them - oh, no, they are much prettier than a badge!)

The Sweetest Teeny Tinyest Brooch Eva! By Michelle of Shelbyville

Michelle very kindly sent me another brooch when first got lost in mail - maybe someone got an extra nice present for Christmas - bah!

Love her dinky cassette badges too

This little sweetie is by Sophie Isobel Designs - truly lovely and unique wrapping with just the thing for me and mine.  (Very Inexpensive Also - but professionally finished - such value!)


Anonymous said...

The quilt show looks fantastic - loads of inspiration there. I'm with you on the rides though.

Anonymous said...

Brownyn, thanks again for putting me on to the "hidden wells" pattern - I really like it, and definitely want to give it a go! I love that sort of pieceing, where one thing turns into another.

Anonymous said...

Me again Bronwyn! Had power problems yesterday and lost your email address. I think a "Hidden Wells" quilt-along would be a great idea! Shall we?

CurlyPops said...

Hi Bronwyn,
It was lovely to meet you on Saturday too! I couldn't find your email address to reply to your message. I've finally just posted some photos from Sewjourn.
Hope you're having a lovely (cooler) week.
Cam xx