Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mini quilt in a bag Swap -the front and the back

This is from Alicia of lucysquilts - so, so good - it makes me cry how well aligned the points of the squares are! Never thought I would like 30's patterns so well as in this little beauty! It is so good that it is 'straight to the pool room' - any Aussie worth her salt will know that line!

Thanks Claire too for giving me the link to this Whippy Goodness;

Tula, you are a kindred spirit

(though you are the one with all the talent!)

I have kindof cheekily begged her for any kind of Whippet Goodness to come my way - that would so super cool - but I do get the 'my work, mine to own' thing. Oh but to dream!


Not Lucy said...

I am so glad you like your quilt. I really had fun making it and it all went together so smoothly. I am not one of those who loves the 30's repros but the quilts I have made with them I have really liked. I am just not usually a pastel-ly kind of girl!

Enjoy your little quilt!

Simon - aka Bloke said...

hey - nice to see you back again ~ trust that you have had lovely holidays.... Then that is a touch rude considering my blogging absences!!! :)

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Whippet Love over at Tula Pink.

I thought of you straight away.