Saturday, 18 April 2009

Gotta luv a getaway

What a perfect Easter break! Sunshine, sand, crystal water......forgot the swimmers (yes, my fault!)....what do you need swimmers for anyway?

We worked on the little 'shack' some more: sanding, painting, nailing, hooping (see below), played on the beach, went for drives through the countryside, visited a bush market- spent a bit of money..ahem...

Those toes could only be mine

A girl has to stay warm- I look good in purple, don't you think?

Some super cute goldfish in a a hoop...or two.....

A vintage sheet in a soft and silky and the colours just sing to me.....

A vintage mirror bought at a garage sale in Red Hill for 20 bucks! the top bit I think we will spray a pretty silver - love the oval shape - can you see the granny rug on the couch? It was made by my Granny (or Nanna, as was her name) - the pink and yellow colours lift up the blue/greens/whites of the room.

The (only) bedroom - secondhand curtains snaffled at a last minute trash and treasure- gaudy red hibiscus with olivey green leaves - just happened to fit the two windows PERFECTLY -and the olivey green matched some painted drawers - who would've guessed?

The gorgeous white chenille spread from an antique store in Ballarat - again, 20 bucks!!!

The red rug from Salvos, Camberwell - saw it in the shop - could not leave without it - got it home and the colour just did not fit at my house. Clever hubbie suggested this little place and it found the right place!
some sweet bird cards framed:

Heronswood - beautiful historic building set in luscious grounds - all drought tolerant though!! We got there 1/2 hr before closing, so just a quick go around the nursery, pick up something interesting, take some shots and go - I think you need about 2 hours to explore it fully.

The view out to Port Philip Bay

this was a highly recommended roadside stall, selling tomatoes...ooh they were yummy!

Love the sign - "Honesty is an Australian tradition - let's keep it that way!"
3 cheers to that!

Lastly but not least - my daughter's present to the Easter Bunny - she was so proud of it - and I am so proud of her!!! This is really creative of her and I love that she loves to give gifts - what a sweetheart - the EB will treasure it forever!!

(Those are teeth, not fangs! hehe!)


PaisleyJade said...

Love the purple jacket... my mum just made our whippet a jumper out of the sleeve of a rejected cardigan!

clare's craftroom said...

Hi just called in to visit your lovely blog , nice to meet you .

Anonymous said...

Love how the 'shack' is coming along :) Looks great! And the beach, and the peninsula..and my gorgeous neices...are you trying to make me homesick on purpose??! Love Sis xo