Monday, 27 April 2009

things I got for a song

Thanks so much to Tamara for picking my name for her Ella and Kate giveaway - lovely pure white ribbon bow - my girls will die when they come home from school -'Sharing please'- will be my mantra - or maybe I just need to get one more - should have ordered one at the time!!! D'oh!

Another big score - this time at Amitie - 50% off on a few selected bolts - I bought the whole bolt on this one......a Kokka gauze....maybe a skirt?

....Anna Maria Horner $10 / m - had to get the rest of the bolt too! Look at what Ashley did with her large print....could me do that too?

....some lovely Kaffe i didn't have....just some squares
....some super lovely AB Temple Flowers - big piece had lots of holes fussy cut out of it $5!!

I felt and surely looked like a bag-lady by scrounging around in a big cardboard box of scraps - pulling out this and that - even large lengths of fabric - "how much is this?" - $20 a metre - well, I thought, surely fabric in a scrap box is reduced?? No?? NO. Okay - that goes back and that.

don't put it in the SCRAP box if it's not a SCRAP - okay rant over.

Remiss of me to neglect talking about another thing I won - A Luckie from Tinniegirl

Lots of papery bits and pieces for collaging and scrapbooking and general ooh and aahing - I would love for Cathy to show some ideas for our Luckies - I'm not a naturally gifted paper ideas girl.

This caught my eye - I am a bit of a romantic:

Here is Ruby - our foster greyhound - we have her for 3 weeks, teaching her how to be a good citizen of suburbia and general household living - ie - what are stairs? Do I go through the glass door or around it? Do I chew the door or your shoes?

It has been interesting to say the least - she was tested at the GAP kennels as being "good around cats" - well, Not in this house -she would love a little bit of Cat Dinner, so, very strict rules about keeping our cat and the dog separated At. All. Times.

She is a lovely dog who just needs a bit more time spent on her with house rules ie please don't wee again on the carpet, please don't bully your way through the door, please don't eat the guinea pigs, please don't wee Again on the carpet.....oh dear...I'm not painting a very good picture of her.....she needs love and more love...we love to love her....but she will be going back.

Edit: i think she is looking at this pile as 'snack time' - found an eaten LIBRARY book - can't fudge that one at work!!


Tamara said...

So glad you love the ribbon, it is nice to create something that older girls like too. Not my usual target makret of four year olds.

I am off to Amitie this week, hopefully I will get some good finds too!

trashalou said...

Sheesh! $20 per m??? In which world would that live in a scrapbag?

Lulabell said...

ohhh more Kaffe's! I like that dress, let me know if you make it.

chaletgirl said...

Nice haul! The gauze is gorgeous!