Friday, 17 April 2009

Oh to be a Chick!

The Farm Chicks (what a great name!)  are having a giveaway - and i am putting in my 2 cents worth - these are my faves for some v. v. cute fabric - I was only allowed to pick two, but I just couldn't stop!!

How I would love to be a Farm Chick!!  

Driving up through the farmlands of the Mornington Peninusla always has me yearning for a time where I can cluck at my own chickens, walk through paddocks to my own horse, ride along trails through the bush, hear the magpies very early in the morning, snuggle with the man on cold nights in front of a logfire......well, okay, I can do the snuggling now....but I still love to have a a citylife.......I just want it all. Sigh.


Stacy McCallum said...

thanks so much for posting Bronwyn. I'm so glad you like Chateau Charlotte! She is our latest. Good luck.

Jodie said...

Maybe we could buy a half a horse each, join it together and share.....

(It would need to be a him horse, I don't acre mush for her horse....)