Sunday, 26 April 2009

Heather Ross Rocks

After reading Chaletgirl's post on her love for HR - I love CG's quilt - so darn cute! and Damm it, she has some Far Far Away - that elusive new range by HR - could be one of her best and I can't find it anywhere (a little on etsy - but not the ones I want)

I want: Unicorns, Princesses atop mattresses,Frogs on lillypads in so many different colourways, sob, Chaletgirl, .........sob

I read somewhere that maybe end of May people will get some shipments - but the frenzy may just increase exponentially because everyone wants what they can't have!!

A HR search found some lovely babushka prints and flower chain prints as a giveaway - on The Creative Juices of Ariel - sponsored by Down Shadow Lane Fabrics

I love the blush flowers and the babushkas - one more to add to my own HR collection, if I'm lucky!.


willywagtail said...

Psst. Just wanted to whisper that I have passed on an Award for Best Blog Comments to you. Please feel free to keep or reject it but I love your comments anyway. Cherrie

thornberry said...

Yes, I've been dripping with jealousy ever since seeing Sheridan's HR stash too. I do have a little bit of Mendocino, but now seem to want MORE of everything, especially some Far, Far Away. Maybe I'll stalk GJs and see what appears.

Ariel said...

thank you for visiting my blog and for entering the giveaway. Your blog is lovely! Best of luck to you ;)

chaletgirl said...

Oh, shucks, you say the nicest things. No luck on etsy, huh? I think it went very very quickly. I did pay a little too much for some...that's desperation for you!