Thursday, 7 May 2009

The seed is SEWN


SEWN by Sarah Fielke is fast becoming THE blog of the sewing circle year! Big Words - but I expect big things will happen - Sarah (ex-Material Obsession) now The Last Piece is having a ginormous Blog Launch Giveaway and so am I!!!

This is the speal:

SEWN is new and innovative online quilting and sewing community for all lovers of fabric crafts. We have Tips and Innovative Tools to help with your projects, an Advice Centre for all your sewing questions, online forums and chats, and information on your local shops, sewing groups, quilt groups and classes.

SEWN will feature designers and shops from Australia and New Zealand, as well as the latest from the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

There will be articles, interviews and tutorials from industry experts, competitions and free patterns! We’ll even be reporting via podcast from craft shows around Australia and the USA.

It’s going to be way too much fun! Get excited with me - join in our giveaway, maybe win some fantastic prizes, sign up to the SEWN Club for all the latest news and offers from SEWN and our partners, read my blog to keep up to date on all the SEWN news, and get ready for the official launch of SEWN in June 2009.

Happy SEWiNg!

Sarah Fielke, Creative Director

I've joined up and so will be having a SEWN giveaway on Monday 8th June, along with many others - Wahooooooo!

Stay tuned for some super yummy stuff that I am going to scrounge out of my far-too-much stash - would anyone like some soft and pretty vintage fabric, maybe some ribbon and maybe a pattern or two?

Of course you would. I know I do. Edit: go here for some treats!

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