Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sad pressies for me

The pressies are not sad - I am sad because hubbie has been away for nearly 2 weeks now, for work, and when I feel alone, I don't reach for the bickie jar (I do that anyway), I sit at the computer and shop.

So, my growing list of 'cheer-me-up-pressies' include:

a wonderful print by Anke Weckmann - her etsy store - the girls are so like my girls it is uncanny - so I had to have it. Along with the print came lots of gorgeously strange postcards and prints of Anke's illustrations - my D2 and I poured over them this morning, talking about what we liked and what was our favourite face. My favourite is the postcard of the girl with swishing hair - love her striped stockings and her wistful face. Thanks Evie of homemade romance for the link!!

My Chaletgirl Block Swap is still going strong - "the (9-patch block) force is strong with this one" - so much so that I feel just a little obsessed with it! I just adored this AMH's fabric so much and enjoyed making these blocks So Much that I wanted a quilt just like them!! Lots of Good Folks range and just a little bit of Kaffe for sanity's sake:

More Chaletgirl Goodness - I received my Vintage Sheet Swappage!! Oh, such lovelies! I can honestly say that I truly like all of my new ones - Sheridan (and her mum) put in such a huge amount of effort and needs a Huge Bloggy Clap!! Look at the card that came with it - a little piece of vintage love stuck on

The following photos do not show how very pretty the colour all are - really, very pretty!

Now, was I talking about Chaletgirl? Yes, there is more - after my sobbing into my hankie about all the Heather Ross stuff she has, and I don't...sob...sob...I cheered up considerably when I was offered to be part of some HR buying and stashing - yes, please!! This is what I got:

Can you see the pea?

Look at that face, will you?

Now was I talking about 9-patch blocks? Yes there is more - I am very very inspired by this wonderful beginning and basically I want to copy it exactly - no, I won't do that!! But vintage fabrics and polkadots - this I will do!!! I stared and studied the photos until my eyes ached last night. I think there are lots of Kaffe dots and I need to get some - oh, what hardship!

Phew - that is enough for now! Get away from that Paypal button Bronwyn!


willywagtail said...

O no! Bickies or material. I don't know which is harder to resist. At least you will still look beautiful when hubby gets back if you choose the material. I want to use my sheets for a quilt to Nd Fransson's is lovely.

sewjourn said...

Not long now until hes back......

Lulabell said...

I love those 9 patch quilts popping up everywhere at the moment. I love that new Heather Ross fabric, where did you get yours from?