Saturday, 16 May 2009

What are you doing on a Sunday morn?

Well, I am going to the Camberwell Market to meet up with some crafty thrifty types

via Brown Owls

Do you want to come? Please do - I don't know anyone else whose going, but that is half the fun!

Now, What will I be hunting for?....maybe some chenille? maybe some buttons? maybe vintage trim?

I know I will be needing my new Tubeway Armies!!

These are just delightful - made by Gaye Abandon on Madeit - deliciously warm and practical recycled woollen jumpers and I just LOVE Cherry red!

Also got this pair, cos I just LOVE Charcoal grey! This is my 'Black'. No more frozen fingers at the puta or sewing machine!

Sorry Gaye, I did have to remove the name tag (and resew a hole in the seam)! Little disappointed with having to resew an item I paid a bit of money for, but there you go, life gets a bit holey sometimes!

Just so I don't get sued: Every single photo in this post is the property of GayeAbandon - I just nicked them cos I am too lazy to shoot my own!

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Lulabell said...

Oh I like these! I need these for my cold cold cold sewing room!