Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Red & Aqua

I have joined up yet another quilt-along!! EEk! But I just can't stop myself!!

Wendy from Hartylittlepeaces - a Melbourne girl (just keep finding more crafty Melbournians!) is just finishing a quilt-along with some fellow quilt-a-holics and was talking about starting a Red & Aqua quilt in Feb 2010 - well, I said to myself, that is just what I want to do too!!

A quick email & I am signed up!!

Here is the start of my necessary stash buildup preparation - aqua I do have a bit of - love that colour; red, no so much!! Paula Prass Flights of Fancy.


Andi said...

There are so many lovely crafty temptations out there.
As if we don't have enough to do already!
Enjoy your stash building.
Andi :-)

My name is Wendy . . . said...

Great fabrics Bronwyn!
We'll have a heaps of fun with this one!
enJOY the sunshine today!

Cathy said...

I simply adore red and aqua and your fabrics are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you make with them xo