Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sew It was Sew Good!

Sew It Together Melbourne 2010 - I woz there!

When I got up that morning - I had butterflies in my tummy - a whole day and then dinner with 60 crafters and bloggers - meeting, chatting, sewing, drinking and eating - the whole darn day and late into the night!!!

I was not disappointed - I met so many lovely people that day that it was just a little overwhelming, and I only met half of the room!
So so good meeting Sheridan, Donna, Susie from interstate and Lara (again)- all part of the Around the Block Swap - see here for a scary photo of us at dinner!
Spent some lovely time with Claire too. Thanks so much for the lift too!!

We got a show bag and a name tag on a long red string - all telling us who we were and where we were - just in case we got confused hehe

I got a name tag with some lightening bugs on it - we had to find 3 others with the same tag - the room was full of frenzied women!!  Our group thought we got all of our team first and pushed our way to the Boss, to get a prize, only to find someone else got there first - we all just laughed!
And that is how the day began at 9am in the morning!!

In our show bag - stuff was simply donated by lots of sponsers for the day and boy, did we get lots and lots of good things:

Picture one shows bamboo needles from Donna of Craftjunk; fabric from theozmaterialgals and hexagon kit from Retromummy; a gorgeous notebook covered with bunnies and my doorprize for the day - Dilbert by Melly & Me!!

Picture Two - yes there is more!!!
Selvedge sisters bag pattern from Jodie of Ric-Rac; Coathanger cover kit from Thea & Sami; vintage covered notebook from Lark; button covering kit from Jackobindi.

Yes - there is more - I kid you not!!
These little lovelies are from Cass of Snailblazer for being in the Snailblazer Swap - all very vintage and oh so sweet:

And these are my swapped presents - remember the S(crap) baskets I made in the last post? - well I am going to have to lift my game if I am doing this again - what a stash!!  

My sincerest apologies that I am not sure of who they were from exactly - I know that is so rude - but it was all very exciting and I could not keep up with all the new people I was meeting and seeing more people I was yet to meet and...... well, the felted flower is from Susan, Anti-bag (to put your i-phone and card in) are from Susie, Tissue holder from Andi and the other really gorgeous things are from really gorgeous people (I'm sure).

Only got a few shots of the day  - the room was not this yellow and was this full and more so:

Susie from Yarnplanner - knitting vertically!!

This was my work for the day - only 1/2 a block done - lots of people came over and thought I was crazy doing this quilt-along - though most wanted to!!

Lizzie from A house in the Country on the right telling someone off?? and Head Girl / Event Organiser Extraordinaire Sheridan on the left (with my scrap bag as raffle drawer, sweet!)

I like this shot so it stays!

Sheridan (Chaletgirl) and her trusty side-kick Donna (Craftjunk) have done a tremendous thing in putting a dream, a wish, a desire to meet people in one spot, who are from all over Australia, NZ and even a UK (ex-Ballarat) blow-in, Hi Trash!, who have one thing in common - we like to craft and we can't stop talking about it.
Keep the Dream Alive 
(I think I have heard that somewhere before?)

Most most sincerest thanks goes to these two - I can't say anymore.

Rock on Sydney 2011!!


Cathy said...

Would have loved to come to this but wasn't able to. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Love your jacobs coat block Bron, I must get mine out and work on them, haven't touched them in ages.

Lizzie said...

Fabulous wasn't it? Loved every minute and I can't imagine who I was telling off!!! LOL!

Tanya said...

oh I missed meeting you- I am sorry- next time. I had a fun day too.

CurlyPops said...

I'm still in awe of those beautiful quilt blocks that you were working on.

Helen said...

Wow, what a day! I'm glad you all had so much fun, I wish I was there! Next year....

Janellybelly said...

There's nothing like a good bloggy catch up, and look at all that crafty goodness you were blessed with too!

sewjourn said...

Fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

handmaiden said...

Wow, what a great time had by all.Looks like u had a fab time and all those goodies