Friday, 3 December 2010

SIT in Sydney

No, don't sit in Sydney, but Sew It Together in Sydney!! I have my flights booked - oh yeah!!  I'm shouting myself a 3 day trip to the land of the flying cockroaches (yes - they would fly in through my window!!) and the giant spiderwebs across footpaths with the beautiful creature smack in the middle ready to say hello to you, Up Real Close!

Hehe - these are just a few lovely memories I have of living in Sydney for nearly 4 years.  As newly weds, hubbie and I made the great adventure up north (not that far really!), packed up our very few belongings in a trailer and moved to the great unknown (to us).

We loved Sydney - the bush throughout the northern suburbs, the trek to the stunning beaches, the iconic sights in the city.  Didn't love the humidity wearing stockings on a hot train, didn't love the lack of a Good Coffee, didn't love the house prices or the commuting.

Didn't love family being so far away when our baby was born and we promptly said Goodbye and Thanks for the Memories.

Hey - don't let me put you off with words of various insects and not-quite-Melbourne-coffee, SIT will be fantastic-o!!!

Sheridan has gathered some spectacular sponsors, some great shopping stops and workshops, and I am looking forward to it all!!!

Please Come - I would love to see you there!  We could share??????????????

 (I don't snore)

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Rebecca Johnson said...

I thought i would stop by and say hi!!! AND would love to come meet you at Sew It Together!!...Im working on it!! xxx mmm yes and i'm not fond of bugs!! xx