Friday, 3 December 2010

A (slightly) broken but still pretty spiderweb

Do you see an 'oopsy' or maybe a 'whoopsy'?  Kelly's spiderweb block has 2" strips of modern fabric (I got bright spots) to be sewn as second last piece in corner of each 1/4 piece.......I did the 2nd sew bit right, but not the 2" bit, soooooo they don't even touch!!!!

Kelly was not miffed though and "loves a bit of quirk"

Okay pal - here it is!!

This was so much fun and super duper easy to make - foundation papers were not consulted at all, not that I would know what to say to them if we were to have a conversation. Maybe others do. 

Christmas is Coming and I'm Trying To Not the title of my next post.

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