Thursday, 18 August 2011

More + and x blocks

More + and x blocks by Whippet Good
More + and x blocks, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.
Loooving this one

(I have copied this next bit from a post in Flickr, but I thought I might ask you guys out there the questions too - and maybe just maybe you might try it too?)

How Much I Am Enjoying These Blocks!! capitalised for emphases

I cannot think of a block that I have enjoyed making so much - what is it?
Is it the rummaging through my huge scrap bag?

Is it the initial indecision then a lightbulb goes on and it's a Yes to a combination that I would never have put together before?

Is the so so easy cutting, sewing and voila!

Is the serious lack of pinning that I don't have to do, cos it just comes together like magic?

Is it the staring at the design wall of the finished blocks and working out which one I like the best?

Do I like the + to stand out or do I like the x to stand out, or maybe the little 4 squares to push their way into my sight?

Why do you like yours? 


sewjourn said...

Don't know the answers but the more you go on about them the more I need to find time to try it out!!! I spy that gorgeous alphabet fabric that you bought a week or so ago....does that mean it's a scrap already? Have you made something out of it? BTW - interested in taking part in the Mystery Medallion Quilt???

Anonymous said...

yes, to all of the above!
being spontaneous with colour choice is very liberating. will post my pics soon.
it's you who tipped me over the edge to jump in and start. it had been on my one day list for a while. thanks bronwyn :)

Michelle said...

Wow! I'm loving these blocks so much too!

I think it's when it doesn't feel like a chore - that's when the pure enjoyment shines through.