Thursday, 20 October 2011

The backing always throws me

 Bit of a break here, mainly due to Birthday Parties, Dance Concert Rehersals, Appendix Removal (not mine) and these are all in Capitals to emphasize the Importance of Each Event (Pooh would Approve)  - all these details to be expanded upon (once I get the photos out of hubbie's phone)

So....until then....I need some advice - my + and x Quilt needs a backing (don't you think) - really cant' just leave it as a top, all floppy and not quite right and laying about like a (beautiful) rag - But I find the backing of quilts to be a really hard thing to do!!!

Does anyone else have this problem - how much should it tie in with the front? (A bit...) How much effort do I really want to put into making it super duper interesting? (at this stage, not much!)

The front is super busy with colours going everywhere, but a subdued framing of greys - Grey on the back? Splashes of red to liven it up?

Some very lovely dogs and scarfs liven it up too....

I do love the basics of Sherbet Pips - really delightful - lovely handfeel too

 BUT I have a great big bundle of this little cutie - had it in the stash for A.Long.Time 
(Aunt Grace Scrap Bag 2005!!!)
Saving up for something special and maybe this is it!

This indecision is doing my head in....

One more top finished (kindov?)  - the 10min block tutorial on youtube by Suzanne McNeil

Hung over my bannister cos I'm way too lazy to pick it up to photo the whole thing for you, sorry!

I don't Love it - the 10min thing - well, it did take a bit longer that that...maybe 20min to get the middle piece all lined up nicely...25 fingers would be useful for this part of the sewing and not every block was exact, so a bit of chopping up here and there to get some kind of uniform block - really, I got to the end of it and I was pretty over  the crappy job I was doing with it, so I just pieced it together and stuff the misaligned seams - do we have to like what we are doing all the time?  Hope not - cos its not happening here people!

I do love the fabrics in it though - feature fabric in the middle is from Amitie - a lovely japanese print with random letters that look embroidered and added various reds, aquas, rich blues and white prints from that's a good feeling!  This is a great block for large prints - why I chose some small ones, I don't know and they don't look as good, so again...not my best work.

Well - I can tick it off my "Quilts I want To Do cos My Head is Bursting" List - it almost did with this one


Rachel said...

My vote goes for the purple print for the backing.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the Aunt Grace! How great to use a big bundle of something for the backing!

Anonymous said...

the aunt grace! quirky print that works with the feel of the beautiful
front :)

Kirsty said...

Definitely the Aunt Grace, what is the print, it looks like scotty dogs with wings

Stacey said...

Yes I vote for the Aunt Grace...its fun and it's always rewarding to use something out THE cupboard, especially if it has been there for a while ;)