Sunday, 2 October 2011

Just a little bit MIA

Despite how exciting the last big storm was that we had Literally Over Our House, (should have heard the screaming!) it has done damage to our computers, modems and other bits and bobs ( very technical terms here) so I'm trying to cope without the easy life othat I once had, connected to so many people places and Quilty Goodness! Hubbie is doing his very very best to get everything back to normal but he is on crutches at the moment which complicates things further!!

IOW I'm around but not 100% reachable. Think of me when you relax into your favouite chair in front of your favourite blog list - I may not be on it for a little while ;(


directed by ARTwendy ... said...

ouch! ... hope you can get your fix soon!

Helene said...

not good! hope it all gets up and running soon! and yes, i'm thinking of you now as i browse
x H

Clair said...

Sorry to hear your bits and bobs have been damaged (ouch!) Looking forward to you being fully re-connected.....till the next storm....?