Thursday, 20 October 2011

Feeling sorry for the quilt

Okay - I was too lazy to even pick the dang thing up - but then did feel a little guilty (spelt it quilty!) - I love all my 'children' just some are more equal than other mwahhahah!

Now that I have picked it up - it is terribly small - needs some bordering, but I generally (hate) well dislike x2 putting borders on or even the look of borders (please no offence to those who love and adore borders and put them on everything),.....Buuuut, I think it needs borders.  hmmmph.


Danielle said...

Do you know what?I reckon don't do borders. I think it would detract from the busy-ness of the blocks. And how would you choose a fabric for the border?! Arrgghh would be my reaction to that. If you want it bigger, do another row of blocks.... Depends what it's for though! There's my 10 cents worth - hope it helps! And I love it by the way, love the scrappiness. Very awesomeness.

Issabella The Cat said...

I'm fairly neutral on borders, sometimes they look great, other times they look a bit like people trying to make their quilts bigger lol
I'm with Danielle and don't honestly think this one needs them, it looks the perfect size for sitting under watching a movie :) If it is for a bed though I would bite the bullet and make more blocks rather than border it as it's awesome as is :)

willywagtail said...

It looks great as a large lap/couch quilt. I wouldn't add borders to a style like this. Sorry to hear of your daughter's pain but at least now you never have the fear of wondering whether it is her appendix or not because it's gone. Cherrie

Anonymous said...

it looks just the right size for curling up on the couch - without borders. i agree with previous comments that another row of blocks would look better if you want to extend it. was that 5 or 10cents worth of comment?

Clair said...

I love looking at quilts and trying to name all the fabrics used....yours is FULL of good name's.
I vote for no's a sofa snuggle quilt.