Friday, 7 October 2011

I know you want more.....

Back in the Saddle of Sewing and Blogging and Surfing and Posting and up bleary eyed to check the morning email status...(am I mad?)

Thank you to those who did think of me and my enforced leave of absence - here is something for you:

Some More + and X blocks!  

and Some MORE!

Which Have Turned Into THIS!!!!!!!

It has been on my bedroom floor for a few days now - I like to stand on its edge and stare and stare and smile and smile.  I can't actually describe how pleased I am with it.  With myself for creating it.  This is pretty big on the 'I Made That!' list in my head.

I wanted a bit of an interesting border, without taking any focus off the blocks - A very lovely Dark Grey with Bright Yellow Spot - from Soiree by Paula Prass (initially bought for my AMH Hexagons) paired with a very subtle but oh so intriguing Soft Grey Alexander 'Heath'.

I loved Amy Champion's bordering on her + and x quilt and totally copied her (well her idea) Is that wrong?

I wanted the blocks to be hard edged with the Dark Grey and have a more softly floating corner into the Light Grey. I wanted the blocks to be in the corner so a thick border and a thin border evolved. - at first

But it is growing on me!!!

What do you think - does it work or should I change to all Dark or all Light?

And No, for all those thinking: surely she has had enough now....DD1 has just requested her own in chosen colours....I think I can, I think I can....may need just a little 10 min break before launching into it again!!


Anonymous said...




Clair said...

That quilt knocks my socks's fabulous!

Danielle said...

Oh wow! One of my favourite examples of this fab quilt! Love it! I have got some blocks started, many more to go. If mine looks half as good as yours I'll be ecstatic! Lovely to find your blog (my first visit). Danielle

LJ said...

It's beautiful!!

Helene said...

Bronwyn it's divine! Leave it as it is, I really like the two borders (although at first glance, I wasn't sold either). It makes it so very interesting to look at, and I really love it now. Wish I could see it in person. Or do you say "in fabric"? Or "in quilt?" OK, I'll stop now.
xx H

Ann Champion said...

I just sewed the binding on my version last night. Yours looks FABULOUS! I wasn't sure if I liked my two different border fabrics at first either, but it grew on me. Your quilt can have 2 different looks depending on which angle it's viewed? : )
I talked a friend into trying the blocks..even sent her a few fabrics to tempt her. I don't think anyone can realize how fun these blocks are until they try them? You did a fabulous job!
Have fun with the next..and please share pics?

Becky said...

Wow!! I have to make one!

pomegranateandchintz said...

Stunning quilt - made me smile too! Love the borders, particularly the grey and yellow spot border.

Shocking Hocking said...

i wasn't all that fussed about this block until i saw your quilt - it's stunning - well done to you